FAQ - What Should Be Considered?


When deciding on a video, many elements need to be considered, including reason, concept, audience, script, talent, wardrobe, location, camera package, and audience. Do not get overwhelmed! The Quickbloom Team has you covered. Having the logistical and technical expereince, we will make sure your production runs smoothly and on budget.


Know Your Audience


Who do you want your video to address? Many times my clients will say, “it’s such a broad clientele. I think the video should be broad as well”. A broad video might be nice as an overall profile option, but if you really want to get the most bang out of the video, you should keep the video focused. Perhaps you need more than one video. Multiple videos will be able to focus on a variety of situations and audience demographics.


The Script


The script will tell your story. While you know your business, conveying those ideas might be difficult. Having a professional script writer work with you can help you be clear, concise and creative.


Who Will Be in Your Video


Who will be in the video? You might want to consider hiring talent. If you are the face of your business, then it may not be appropriate. But when it is an option, hired talent can create the professionalism that your business demands.


Makeup and Wardrobe


You will want to consider this important detail.


Location / Place

Where will the filming take place? Will you need a studio with a green screen? Will you need multiple locations? Will you need special equipment to capture the moment?


Motion Graphic
As fine artists, we pride ourselves on creating thoughtfully designed graphics to illustrate your stories. When you want the best art and design, you should look no further. The Quickbloom team has it covered!


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